$30 / 30 day

This month of unlimited classes includes all Pilates mat classes, as well as Yoga Bhoga yoga classes. With two locations and over 30 teachers we have nearly 75 classes to choose from in one weeks time. If you aren’t sure what styles or teachers are the right fit for you please don’t hesitate to call the front desk at 503-802-7373 so we can advise you during your month trial.

All memberships included unlimited mat classes, discounts on workshops or events, no contract, and flexible suspensions because... life.



All group equipment memberships included unlimited Pilates Mat Classes! Add unlimited Yoga as well for only $30 more!!!

All Pilates Mat classes are welcoming to all levels. Our teachers will make sure each student is given appropriate modifications and considerations for their personal needs and level. To help meet expectations, check out our schedule and descriptions for more info on level and style of classes. You pick what is right for you! To celebrate the partnership of Cascadia Pilates with Yoga Bhoga, all class cards and memberships can be used at either studio and at either location (Water Avenue and Belmont Street). For more details on Yoga Bhoga, the teachers, and the styles of yoga, please visit the Yoga Bhoga website.

$48 a month

4 Pilates Mat Class (or yoga at Yoga Bhoga) per month

$88 a month

8 Pilates Mat Class (or yoga at Yoga Bhoga) per month

$108 a month

Unlimited Pilates Mat Class (or yoga at Yoga Bhoga) per month


At Cascadia Pilates and Yoga Bhoga, drop in classes and class card don’t expire. Use them as you need them.