5:00 PM17:00

Self Massage and Fascial Release


Hosted by Savanna Wonderwheel

Join massage therapist, and pilates and yoga certified instructor Savanna Wonderwheel for 2hrs of fascial release goodness. Start to release those pesky areas of fascial tightness and learn how to let go of grip patterns so that you can find more freedom in your flow. This workshop will be spent rolling out your muscles and stretching the facial lines of your body from your feet to your head. You'll leave with plenty of tips and tricks you can take with you anywhere you and your body go! 

This Workshop Costs $35 

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1:00 PM13:00

Watercolor Basics- The Chakra System


Hosted by Kailee McMurran

Get out of your yoga clothes and try a new kind of workshop this August. Bring your Chakra's to life with this first of its kind art class! In this workshop you will receive insight on watercolor tools and paper, as well as various tricks & tips. With these skills you will create your very own Chakra system using a different watercolor technique for each chakra! To keep the creativity flowing there will be mimosas and chocolate! (Must be 21+ to enjoy a mimosa). At the end of class you will get to take home your own energy infused artwork, a watercolor guide, Winsor & Newton watercolor set, extra brushes for you to use, and chakra ready Watercolor paper.

This workshop costs $60

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3:30 PM15:30

Imagination Yoga


Hosted by Katy McInally

Imagination Yoga is a curriculum-based kids yoga program that teaches concentration, calm and kindness through movement and story. In this fun and interactive class your child will kinesthetically learn important life skills through breath and movement. Collectively we can uplift humanity by emboldening the next generation to lead with empathy, mindfulness and confidence.

This 10-week series and open to children 5 years to 10 years of age.

This Series Costs $145

(Students who are interested in enrolling after start date will be prorated the cost)

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1:00 PM13:00

Inside Out


Hosted by Krista Loveless

How many times have you heard the word Alignment in class? Have you ever thought you understood how proper alignment looks and feels, only to find yourself more baffled than before? This workshop is a deep dive into the world of alignment beyond the surface, what it means, and how the entire body supports it. Our internal systems and structures can make a huge impact on how we connect, or even stay disconnected, to the process of movement. Utilizing both pilates tools and yoga sequencing, Krista will guide you through a more mindful practice of tuning into your soft tissue world, helping to understand the roles that our organs, breathwork, and deeper intrinsic stabilizers play in this game we call healing.

This workshop costs $35

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