The perfect opportunity to jump in and see for yourself. Take unlimited equipment and mat classes for only $40. 


1 Class Per Week $119/mo

($28 per equipment class)

2 Classes Per Week $209/mo

($24 per equipment class)

Unlimited Classes Per Week $269/mo

(less than $20 per equipment class)


 All memberships included unlimited mat classes, discounts on workshops or events, no contract, and flexible suspensions because... life.

Membership Agreement

Our memberships are not contractually binding. You can give it a one month try or stay with us for years to come. Our philosophy is that you have to WANT to be in class to get anything out of class.

Details for Automatic Renewal

Our policy is straightforward and hassle-free. Payments are deducted each month until you cancel. If you want to cancel, notify us 2 weeks in advance of your next monthly payment. You can suspend your membership if you plan to take a vacation. There is no refund for unused classes on memberships.

Vacations and Missed Classes

Cascadia understands that everyone needs a break and that sometimes  we may miss class. You can suspend your membership for as long as you need. If you missed one or  a couple classes you can request a make-up credit to be added to your account. Time to press the EASY button!


Members can cancel their membership at anytime. At the time of cancellation all unused sessions or make-up credits will be considered "inactive". The good news however is that if a member chooses to come back one day we will reactivate any unused credits.

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A little of this... a little of that

Come whenever you want without any commitment. We offer all of our services a la carte. If you would prefer a more traditional package we offer ten or more services for 10% off, 20 or more services for 20% off, and our best offer of 30 for 30% off. Customize your package (mix and match all of our services) by calling the front desk at 503-802-7373 and they can help.