Meet Eva!

Eva Strickland joined our fair studio this September, and we welcome her calm energy, grace, and all of the experience she brings to our members after being a body worker and yoga teacher for 11 years.

Eva grew up all over the Pacific Northwest, so she was influenced by the Seattle grunge scene and sought her own path to self-realization, learning to love break dancing and street dancing. Eva sees strong correlation between these non-traditional dance practices and Pilates – both require going beyond the “self,” and really giving into freedom of movement.

At Cascadia, Eva teaches a variety of mat and Reformer classes, including a Restorative mat class on Monday nights, that’s all about foam rollers, self-massage and “turning people into jello!”

Come meet Eva, and don’t be surprised if you leave her class or private lesson feeling stronger, freer, and more relaxed!


My year in Pilates

Just about a year ago, I came back to Cascadia Pilates + Core Align after a bad knee injury that kept me out of the studio, stopped my (admittedly halfhearted running habit) and had me on the couch way more than I should have been.

I’d done CoreAlign classes at the studio when it first opened, and thought I’d try a few of the mat classes and Reformer classes, since I figured I would have less time on my feet. I fell in love with both.

Months 1-3: It was a challenge getting back into the groove, unable to do things like cross my legs or sit in child’s pose, but the teachers all made me feel right at home, and that I could do it. I learned their different styles (and quirks) and started to feel stronger in my body. I also realized that I’d been walking around holding myself so that I wouldn’t hurt myself… and by doing that had created other problems!

Months 4-6: I was cruising along, taking about three classes a week, and felt good enough to work back in some CoreAlign classes. That helped even more with alignment – particularly, the scapula wrap retrained me to watch the tension in my neck and shoulders that I carry around like a bulky turtleneck.

Months 7-10: I felt pretty good in my body, but thought maybe I had hit a plateau. But then one night, I was reading to my daughter, and she poked the side of my leg through my Pilates pants and said “your legs are hard, mommy!” And she was right… as a voluptuous person I have always been on the soft and curvy side, so it was really exciting to realize that my muscles had snuck up on me! Around the same time, I also finally got the stitch your ribs cue (thanks, Savanna!) and felt the muscles under my rib cage sweetly sore from being toned for the first time in my life.

Months 11-12: Was really excited to have Cascadia add some new classes and let me pick the activity level that I’m in the mood for, and to realize that even a gentle or reboot class is still a work out and still good for my body. I love walking into the studio and getting a friendly greeting, and seeing people who are now friends in my classes. I’ve brought several folks into the Cascadia family, and would recommend them wholeheartedly to anyone…I have seen what it’s done for me, and I’m a believer!