Principles of Pilates

Over the next weeks we will be exploring each the Pilates Principles.  These principles are the pillars to our practice, our philosophy, and part of the reasons why we love and rely on Pilates in our lives.  Please let us know, by commenting on this post, what these principles mean to you and your Pilates practice.

Hands holding).jpg

The first principle is Awareness.  Being aware of our body; emotionally and physically.  Being aware of where we are in space and our surroundings.  Being truly present in the moment. 

One of the more frustrating things of Pilates is there is so much to think about during one movement!  On the other side of this coin, this beckons us to be completely with ourselves, where we are, and how/what we are feeling.  And though we may at times be overwhelmed with all the information, when we walk away from the studio we realize we just spent the last hour completely with ourselves in movement and breath.  We just gave ourselves an hour to be present and aware, carving out time to feel and be with ourselves. That is part of this medicine we call Pilates.