Principle of Pilates: Centering

Over the next weeks we will be exploring each the Pilates Principles.  These principles are the pillars to our practice, our philosophy, and part of the reasons why we love and rely on Pilates in our lives.  Please let us know, by commenting on this post, what these principles mean to you and your Pilates practice.

Centering is the act of drawing your own mental and physical focus during each exercise into the core, or center of your body. Even with our simple breathing, we ask you to exhale, drawing your ribs into the center of your body.  When we are balancing on the moving carriages of the Core Align, we ask you to find your center and lengthen from there. When we lie you down on the rounded mobile surface of the foam roller, we ask you to center yourself over this thin, rolling thing. If we can find our breath, move from a deeper internal place, we center in our minds as well.