Nominate Cascadia!

Every year Portland's best-known independent news source, The Willamette Week, puts out a "best of" list.  Have you ever wondered how they come up with the list in the first place?  Well, good thing you are reading this blog to find out!  It all starts with a simple nomination by loving, dedicated clients who are supported through many facets of movement and life by wonderful, knowledgeable, fun staff...such as Cascadia Pilates and Core Align.  So, if you love the way we move you and want us to keep growing, helping our community at large feel more in their bodies, see more smiles walk into our doors and be walking in happiness and health, then you can nominate sweet little Cascadia as the "Best Pilates Studio."  And oh my goodness: here just happens to be the link!

How easy!


Team Cascadia