Principle of Pilates: Breathing

Over the next weeks we will be exploring each the Pilates Principles.  These principles are the pillars to our practice, our philosophy, and part of the reasons why we love and rely on Pilates in our lives.  Please let us know, by commenting on this post, what these principles mean to you and your Pilates practice.

"Breathing is the first act of life, and the last.  Our very life depends on it." -Joseph Pilates

In Pilates we ask you to breath fully while connecting with your pelvic bowl and core muscles.  This encourages our 3-dimensional breathing so we may expand our breath into our back body and side body as well as our belly. 

Our breath is the fuel to our practice.  We exhale on the exertion of our movements coordinating the involuntary lift of the pelvic floor as the diaphragm contracts and moves up the torso.

Breath is the music to our choreography.  When we move with our breath we feel energized, warm.  We become the fluid movement associated with air and we can support our bodies through new, expansive movements.