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Pilates for Bigger Bodies


Pilates really is for every body, but many of the exercises in the Pilates repertoire present some unique challenges to larger bodies. Historically, the adjustments given to larger clients tend to make the exercises easier, thus taking away the potential for advancement. This workshop will give clients the challenge they have been looking for in the body they love. We will discuss the mechanical variations additional weight presents that may not be obvious to fellow movers with smaller frames. Further, we will explore tools to utilize, including body positive language, with the goal of maintaining healthy challenges in each exercise and keep larger clients progressing in their practice.

This workshop is for current clients who struggle with particular challenges related to having a bigger body in class or in their home practice. This workshop also welcomes movement professionals with limited experience working with larger clients, and would like more tools to help them succeed. Come and move or simply observe and learn! This workshop is not for anyone looking for a workout. We will be moving during an experiential portion of the workshop to embody the modifications and adjustments. Please wear comfortable clothing that you can sit and move freely in.

This Workshop Costs $45

Earlier Event: September 19
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