New Student Guide

The Pilates practice helps you build strength, increase flexibility, and develop greater mental focus. This guide gives you the basic information to get started. Try different classes and talk with your teachers (they like questions).

First Visit

Please arrive 10 minutes early. We have some simple paperwork to complete and you can speak with the teacher about any special needs you may have.

Before Class

Clothes: Wear comfortable, stretchy clothing that is not too loose. It should allow a full range of movement including twisting and bending. We have restrooms and cubbies for you to place your personal belongings.

Bring: Water, towel, and your own mat if you want for our mat classes. We have free mats to use and a wide variety of props including blocks, straps, rings, and more!

Avoid: Strong perfume, essentials oils, and other scents. Respect the space and your fellow students by keeping your space and body clean and odor-free.

Eating & Drinking: Avoid eating too close before class. A little water is okay, but too much liquid can be uncomfortable.

Once You Arrive

Footwear: Pilates is often practiced in bare feet for traction and safety. You can wear studio shoes (shoes that are not worn outside in our pacific northwest rainy weather) on the CoreAlign equipment or toe socks on the reformer for more traction and comfort.

Electronic devices: Please turn off your cell phone. If you are on call, please have your phone on vibrate.

Communicate: Let your instructor know if you have any injuries, limitations, or concerns so they can work with you.

During Class

Rest: Take a rest when you need a rest. You can take shell (also known as child's pose) or hug your knees into your chest as restoration to your body when in need.

If you are late: Being on time is great, but sometimes life happens. If you are late, enter the space quietly and join the class trying to minimize disruption. Take a few warm-up movements and then enter the teacher's sequence when you are ready.

After Class

Clean: If you borrowed a mat from the studio, use the cleaning spray and a towel to wipe it down. Wipe up any moisture from the floor. If you used props, neatly return them.

Take your belongings: Don't forget to take all of your belongings home with you.However, we do have a lost and found in case you have one of those spacey days.

What Type of Class Should I Take?

The first place to start is class descriptions. Read these to find classes that appeal to you.  Then look at the class schedule to see when the classes are available.  Each class has a link to the teacher. You can read the teacher's bio to understand their training and style.

If you need advice or have questions, please feel free to contact us and we can help to point you in the right direction.